THEKLA provides complete solutions in the study, construction and reconstruction of interiors, special mass catering spaces, exhibition spaces, shops. Study, design, inventive solutions, high quality standards, sampling of materials, which includes all the operational needs in infrastructure, equipment, mode of operation and costing with limitation of unforeseen expenses. Implementation of a building with absolute adherence to the schedule and minimization of nuisance in the workplace. Proper product promotion, high quality technological systems and innovative materials uses

Professional Premises

Professional spaces THEKLA, through its strong private capitalization, has constructed a number of high-rise buildings for commercial exploitation, on privately owned plots or with the system of consideration. Our buildings are distinguished for the careful selection of the area and location, the perfect aesthetic and functional study -in collaboration with selected architectural offices- and the impeccable quality and time construction. This policy ensures our timeless projects, immediate sale, satisfied customers and elimination of maintenance problems.We are in the process of constantly searching for plots in the suburbs of large cities, which will be hubs of urban development, as an extension of metropolitan centers. The healthy relationships we maintain with reputable financial institutions provide the lender with favorable lending.

Residential Complexes